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Bealtaine Baptism, 2021

On Bealtaine 2021, Rónán held a family ceremony where he was re-baptised as a druid, taking on the Irish version of his name rather than the English one he was given at birth.

On the day of Bealtaine (May 1), Rónán and his family gathered at their home in Kildare. They began the ceremony by eating honey and drinking whiskey. Rónán read the invocation of Amergin, a poem spoken by the mythical druid Amergin as he and his people, the Milesians, landed on the shores of Ireland. 

Rónán's parents both poured water on his forehead, using water which had been collected from Glendalough, a site of Irish pilgrimage. With this they re-baptised him as the druid with his Irish name. To close the ceremony Rónán played an improvised beat on his bodhrán.

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